2 Lessons in life from Moneyball.

Following recommendations from several sources I read Moneyball recently. It’s a cracking account of how an underdog baseball team implemented a system to enable it to compete with far richer and more popular rivals on a shoestring budget. I probably don’t need to go much further into the background of the book as it’s been so widely popularised (and of course turned into a Brad Pitt film vehicle) but I took away a couple of key ideas that can be applied to our own lives.


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Slow living

I recently read In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore. I think that he’s spot on with his message of re-learning to slow down and appreciate life in a world dominated by the cult of speed. My challenge now is to implement his ideas in my daily life.

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10 Tips to begin decluttering

I used to be a terrible hoarder. I had tonnes of things just in case I needed them. I was reluctant to part with anything I considered remotely sentimental. I used to keep shelves of my favourite magazines in case I wanted to look back at them (hint – I never did look back at them). There were lots of things that I had two of. I kept clothes I didn’t like or that didn’t fit just in case I needed them. I had an enormous collection of DVDs and books. I had lots of trinkets. Somewhere along the line though I came across the idea of minimalism and decluttering. At first I was reluctant but gradually the seed flourished in my head and I began to pare my things down more and more. Now I have significantly reduced my clutter and my house feels much more spacious, inviting and organised. I thought I would share my tips on how to I did it.

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