Life principles

This will be the last of the three posts on the principles that I live my life by and these are the long-term ones, the overarching life long principles. As with the other principles I’ve already outlined this is a living list and I’m sure it will be added to and subtracted from in the future…..

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Weekly principles

In my last post I outlined the daily principles that I try to live by. In this next post I want to share the weekly principles that I try to ensure that I adhere to.

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Daily principles

Bunk explains in the Wire that “A man must have a code” (google it if you need to) and I want to share mine. I find having a set of principles held in my mind helps me to prioritise them over the other seemingly urgent stuff that comes into our everyday lives. I should emphasise that they are not fixed. They are just my current principles, I am open to adding, changing, updating, and discarding these. I should also note that I’m by no means perfect. I certainly don’t manage to stick to all of these everyday. But these are the principles that I try to adhere to on a daily basis: –

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How to save hundreds per year

Hopefully the headline grabbed your attention!

Many people are missing a very simple way to save a significant amount of money in their lives. I want to share a few simple tips for making your own lunch to take to work that will enable you to not only eat healthy but also to save significantly. Just think – if you spend an average of £3 pounds a day on lunch (and many spend more than that!), given that the average person works 220 ish days a year, you will save £660 over the course of a year. Just think of what else you could buy with that money!

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