The end goal of focus

I had a realisation today. I’m regularly trying to limit how much time I waste on ‘distractions’ and to use my time efficiently. I’ve cut down on social media, set myself parameters for reading and T.V. and made my exercise more efficient. But I realised that I’ve been doing this without really having an end goal in mind. I’ve just been trying not to do things, and not doing things can’t be an end goal in itself. I need to focus now on what I do with the time that’s saved. It’s certainly beneficial to my life to get into the habit of not wasting time on distractions but it’s only worth doing this to free up time so that I can indulge my passions and creativity, not so that I can create myself more “busywork” or find another outlet for wasting time.


On the bike

I admit it. I’ve moved to the dark side. I’ve kept it from you but I’ve got to come out. I’m officially a cycle wanker. I don’t know why it took me so long to realise that cycling is the future. I finally took the plunge into road cycling back in the autumn because it’s a key to saving money and keeping the momentum rolling in terms of moving towards F.I. but I’ve discovered that it’s also an excellent form of mindfulness meditation.



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