What is Today’s Tao about?


My goal is to help everybody, no matter what age, sex or background to improve their lives. I want to show you that it’s actually very easy to integrate being fit, healthy and happy into our modern hectic lifestyles.

So why are you here? Is it because you enjoy fitness training and you’ve stumbled on this site by accident? Is it because you’re looking to lose a bit of weight? Is it because you want to get fit but haven’t yet found out how to do so? Maybe you just want to live your life as happily as can be.

Whether it’s all, any or none of these reasons, welcome.

I’m going to dispel the myths telling you that you need to spend money or time unnecessarily to be fit, healthy and fulfilled and to show you that the barriers that you may feel prevent you from living a full and healthy life can be overcome. I’m going to help you to get stronger, eat better and feel happier.

What’s my background?

I began to experiment with fitness training and attempting to live a healthy lifestyle when I moved away to university in my early twenties. I had put on a few pounds and wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I felt. At first I knew nothing and didn’t get very far very quickly. But somewhere along the way the bug had gripped me and I began to educate myself more and more about fitness, diet, lifestyle and mindset.

As I applied what I learnt I gradually began to see significant changes in my body and my health. Over time I have refined my approach to fitness and health but along the way I’ve also wasted a lot of time and discarded a lot of things that don’t really work. I’ve read countless books and websites, testing and querying to absorb the useful information and filter out the rubbish.

I imagine that there are a lot of other people out there in exactly the same situation that I was back when I began so I want to save you all the time and learning it took me to make progress and to help you to start making positive changes in your life right now.

I also want you to know that I’m just a normal person with a job, a family and all the modern pressures of life just like you.

So what’s our approach to health?


We make our exercise as effective as possible and we make our exercise as enjoyable as possible. I will show you that there is no need to exercise for more than a couple of hours per week and yet still get awesome results by;

  • Working on improving our strength
  • Occasionally doing some really intense movement
  • Integrating general movement seamlessly into our lives


We accept that diet is the single most important aspect when it comes to our health, far more important even than exercise. We;

  • advocate the Paleo / Primal Diet,
  • eat sensible amounts of real, fresh food
  • avoid packaged, processed, fake foods
  • accept that we can’t use exercise to outrun our forks


We realise that the other aspects of our lifestyle have a significant part to play in our overall health and wellbeing. We make sure that we;

  • Get adequate sleep
  • See plenty of sunlight
  • Simplify our lives
  • Strike a sensible work/life balance
  • Live frugally (this doesn’t necessarily mean that we minimalise or are cheap, just that we aim to have enough rather than excess and ensure our money works for us)
  • Live without clutter
  • Aim to be debt free and have some savings
  • Invest for the future


We use our mindset to support our other efforts by;

  • Regularly exercising our mind
  • Focusing on one task at a time
  • Finding motivation within ourselves
  • Being inspired by others
  • Being open to and seeking opportunities to learn

So please come and join in!


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