Why aren’t I an artisan?

I read this blog post by Tim Maurer during a quiet moment at work a few days ago and it certainly provided some food for thought.


Of course ‘artisan’ is an over-used and fashionable term at the moment and seems to be increasingly commandeered by companies or products which are really nothing of the sort. But overlooking that, the point of the piece is that considering whatever our work or career is from the perspective of an ‘artisan’ can help us to find meaning and satisfaction. In whatever field we work we can emphasise effectiveness over efficiency, value quality over quantity or speed and take pride in doing our job well.

I’m not convinced that we can all find meaningful work in any ‘job’. For instance I think that I would struggle to look at shelf-stacking from the perspective of an artisan (n.b. that’s not a criticism of shelf-stacking, just an acknowledgement that it is a potentially mundane, repetitive, non-creative task). But I certainnly agree that it’s a good perspective to come at our work from.


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