Recommended Reading: – The Little Book of Talent by Daniel Coyle

The Little Book of Talent is just that. A little book, less than an hours read. But that’s not to say that it’s not useful.


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Creating meaning out of routine

Routine can be harnessed for good. Using routine to help us create healthy habits can be a powerful tool. Equally though routine can dull our time on the planet and deprive us of meaning in our lives. It’s far too easy to let time slip through our fingers in the lethargy of commuting, work and sitting on the sofa eating and watching TV. Each day quietly becomes the same as the last with no identifying features.


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Defining success on your terms

Success is a word that’s often tossed around in our culture. We describe other people as successful for a variety of reasons but it’s worth keeping in mind that in order for us to be successful ourselves we need to know exactly what our definition of success is. Otherwise we’re chasing other people’s version of success without being true to ourselves. It’s well worth getting comfortable with the fact that it’s fine if our definition of success doesn’t match other people’s, or is even disliked by other people. Success is a very personal thing. My definition will likely be quite different to yours.


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2 Lessons in life from Moneyball.

Following recommendations from several sources I read Moneyball recently. It’s a cracking account of how an underdog baseball team implemented a system to enable it to compete with far richer and more popular rivals on a shoestring budget. I probably don’t need to go much further into the background of the book as it’s been so widely popularised (and of course turned into a Brad Pitt film vehicle) but I took away a couple of key ideas that can be applied to our own lives.


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Creating the writing habit

I wrote a couple of months ago about what to do with the time I’ve created by cutting things out of my life and this only being worth doing if I use the time to indulge passions and creativity. Likewise one of my life principles is creative recreation and I always feel like I want to write something. But there is then usually a disconnect. I have good intentions but I don’t actually write anything.

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The habit of doing

Take a moment to think about some of the people who inspire you. What is it about them that you respect and want to emulate? What do they do? Do they inspire you because they’ve created something? Do they inspire you because they do something worthwhile or because they are very skilled at something? Does their personality inspire you?

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How to find time to exercise

Those who do not find time to exercise, sooner or later will have to find time for illness.” -Earl of Derby, Edward Stanley

One of the key barriers  that people cite as preventing them from doing exercise is lack of time. I’m going to help out with a few strategies for getting around this.

How to just start

The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato

Each journey begins with a simple step but you'll never finish if you don't start

A short but simple post today about beating procrastination. Today I really didn’t feel like doing any exercise at all. I’m sure we’ve all been there many a time with different tasks. I’d had a lazy morning, stayed in bed for too long, had bits of admin I needed to do and generally felt lethargic and tired. So I began procrastinating and almost gave in to the little voice in my head saying “just leave training until tomorrow…….”

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