The 80/20 principle and a stubborn mindset

After the initial period of militant Paleo advocacy which it seems many people go through when they get excited and fired up about adopting a new lifestyle I settled into a more laid-back 80/20 mindset. I’m comfortable and easy on myself if I choose to eat something which is not Paleo approved on an occasional basis. I don’t start to sweat if I miss a work out (see what I did there?). Despite this, one of the things which I am still strict about is not allowing a slip to go on for more than one meal or one day. The next day I’m absolutely stubborn about ensuring that I eat strictly according to Paleo principles or do some form of exercise.


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Disconnecting from hyper-connection

A while back I decided to re-activate my Facebook account and set-up a Twitter account. I installed the apps on my phone. I vowed to try and use social media in a positive way. I intended to embody an antidote to all the mundane, self-promoting, vanity material that exists. Well that didn’t work.

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The end goal of focus

I had a realisation today. I’m regularly trying to limit how much time I waste on ‘distractions’ and to use my time efficiently. I’ve cut down on social media, set myself parameters for reading and T.V. and made my exercise more efficient. But I realised that I’ve been doing this without really having an end goal in mind. I’ve just been trying not to do things, and not doing things can’t be an end goal in itself. I need to focus now on what I do with the time that’s saved. It’s certainly beneficial to my life to get into the habit of not wasting time on distractions but it’s only worth doing this to free up time so that I can indulge my passions and creativity, not so that I can create myself more “busywork” or find another outlet for wasting time.