Creating meaning out of routine

Routine can be harnessed for good. Using routine to help us create healthy habits can be a powerful tool. Equally though routine can dull our time on the planet and deprive us of meaning in our lives. It’s far too easy to let time slip through our fingers in the lethargy of commuting, work and sitting on the sofa eating and watching TV. Each day quietly becomes the same as the last with no identifying features.


We can’t necessarily escape the rat race but we can make the time that is our own unique. We can look for daily opportunities however small or brief to share an experience with family or friends, or do something productive or creative and fulfilling. It’s worth prioritising any activity which gives each day a lasting memory and meaning to us even if it means a little more effort than we’re currently used to. Let’s get out there into the action instead of spectating.

It’s useful to think back a week or a month ago. What were we doing? What was memorable? What are we proud of? What made us smile? Who were we with? If we don’t have answers or can’t remember what we were doing then it’s a nudge that we may need to inject more meaning into our lives.

On the flip side we may remember what we failed at. What challenged us. What we didn’t enjoy. These can still be good memories as they indicate that we were doing meaningful things which we can learn and improve from and that we weren’t just passively letting time slip by.


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