The 80/20 principle and a stubborn mindset

After the initial period of militant Paleo advocacy which it seems many people go through when they get excited and fired up about adopting a new lifestyle I settled into a more laid-back 80/20 mindset. I’m comfortable and easy on myself if I choose to eat something which is not Paleo approved on an occasional basis. I don’t start to sweat if I miss a work out (see what I did there?). Despite this, one of the things which I am still strict about is not allowing a slip to go on for more than one meal or one day. The next day I’m absolutely stubborn about ensuring that I eat strictly according to Paleo principles or do some form of exercise.



I like Steve’s idea of never missing two workouts or meals in a row and ensuring that the day after a major holiday is flawless. This approach nearly always gets me back into the groove and I find that I then naturally tend to roll this over for a few days and before I know it an excellent week or so has gone by.

It’s taken me a while to find this balance. Allowing myself to relax if I decide to treat myself to the (very) occasional non-primal approved food, or if I find myself in a situation where important commitments genuinely make it awkward to fit in some exercise. This is tempered with an absolute stubborn commitment that the next meal or day will be perfect no matter what happens. Cultivating that determination is a major step in forming a habit and keeping it going. It’s not enough to promise ourselves that we’ll get back on “the wagon” after a slip, we need to get positively fired up about it and approach the next test as an unstoppable force. Do you think @therock allows himself 2 cheat days in a row!? Hell no!! He allows himself one and then he’s back on it like his life depends on it! Follow him for a little bit and you’ll see what I mean. I know he’s a larger than life character but we can all use this approach if we want.


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