Learning to breathe fire

I recently read “Learning to Breathe Fire – The rise of Crossfit and the Primal Future of Fitness” by J.C. Herz. It’s a fast paced, interesting read and it’s got me intrigued about Crossfit and its potential benefits compared to the training that I currently do. I’m already familiar, experienced and onboard with lifting heavy things (both external resistance – barbells, kettlebells etc and bodyweight calisthenics), sprinting and high intensity interval training (work capacity). But it’s raised lots of questions in my head.

Is Crossfit too intense to sustain long term? How on earth do you even get to the level of fitness required to complete some of the WODs as programmed? How does the scaling of the workouts work? Is it realistic to expect to be able to get into it as I move into my late thirties? Does it actually contain deficiencies, for example does it neglect balance in terms of muscle groups and posture? Although it promotes broad fitness, is there enough specificity in the workouts to actually address all forms of fitness? Is the constant risk of injury sensible?

There’s only one way that I’m going to find out the answer to this. I’m going to have to try it. I feel like I did before I adopted the Paleo diet or before I sold the car and started cycling to work. A slight trepidation. Lots of questions. Is it actually viable for me to take on? How does it work in the real-world? Guess I’ll be finding out before too long.……..



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