Disconnecting from hyper-connection

A while back I decided to re-activate my Facebook account and set-up a Twitter account. I installed the apps on my phone. I vowed to try and use social media in a positive way. I intended to embody an antidote to all the mundane, self-promoting, vanity material that exists. Well that didn’t work.

I quickly found myself becoming annoyed again with what came up in my feed on Facebook. I realised that my Twitter feed was simply an invitation to fall into the trap of following “clickbait” and wasting time on the internet. I soon decided to limit myself to only checking each once a week. Then I realised that I wasn’t missing Facebook so I deleted the app. I did an experiment where I went through a day’s worth of Tweets to see if anything was actually useful and relevant. It wasn’t. So I deleted that app too. Now I’ve closed both accounts.

I really have become disillusioned with the concept of social media. I have confirmed my belief that we have gone beyond the tipping point of hyper-connectedness and it is no longer useful. Facebook reminds me of a drug dealer, keeping users hooked with just enough temptation to keep checking in and soaking up the advertising or should I say “targeted content”. And Twitter is simply a medium for users to effectively shout into the abyss. In most cases no one is listening and what is tweeted is too gimmicky to be of any use anyway. Any “dialogue” is almost entirely irrelevant. So what if “Paris attacks” are trending. Can the vast majority of the people talking about it influence any response in any meaningful way? The answer is generally no. It’s just meaningless commentary. 20 seconds of tapping on their phone that they won’t get back. Which adds up to hours and hours over the course of a year.

Reminds me a lot of most modern T.V. or radio news. Lots of “blah” from talking heads without any influence or action. Far better to ignore it and concentrate on what is within our actual sphere of influence and important in our lives instead of wasting our life energy making and perpetuating irrelevant commentary.


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