Health and free time are the new rich

In western society we are virtually all “rich”. By any historical measure we are all richer in material terms than even the elite of society was only 20 or 30 years ago. Only a generation ago flat screens tvs, smart phones, tablets, laptops and high speed internet, cars with iphone connections, air con and Bluetooth would have seemed like science fiction. With our centrally heated, pleasantly but affordably furnished dwellings we live more comfortably than even royalty were living probably only 30 or 40 years ago. But what is the price of this wealth? We work long hours, often in sedentary jobs which cost us our time and our health.

Time and our health are two things that no matter how “rich” we are, money can’t buy. It doesn’t matter what level you are promoted to, how impressive your job title is or how many people you manage, they won’t give you more free time to spend with the people who matter to you and the things that you love or buy you health and well-being. Even the likes of Donald Trump with all his wealth simply cannot buy himself more time on this planet, or a svelte and healthy body.

However, I think that the material wealth that we all now have available allows us to strike a lovely middle ground. Instead of chasing the latest flat screen, the newest iphone or a brand new car we can settle for something, slightly older, less flashy and more affordable but which still allows us to live like lords in comparison to even 15 years ago. By doing this we then don’t have to work ourselves to the bone to pay for everything. We can throttle back a bit on the long hours and stressful jobs and instead enjoy the extra time and opportunity to look after ourselves and our loved ones.


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