Tethering the phone

By tethering the phone, I don’t mean to a wi-fi access point…….

Inspired by this article by The Minimalists I’ve taken on some of their ideas. When I’m in the house, my phone stays tethered to the table by the front door on silent (I only leave it on because my task list and reminders etc are on there). I’ve told close family to ring the landline if I don’t anwer and the absolutely need to get hold of me. When I’m in work it stays on silent in my bag under the desk, my wife knows my work number in case of emergencies. When I’m out, if I have a bag with me it goes in there or goes in my coat. It only stays in my pocket if there is no alternative. I want to tame the phone and make it a tool, not an addiction. I want to stop it distracting me from being present.


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