Learning is a lifelong gift.

We have the opportunity to learn virtually all the time by observing, questioning, being inquisitive and generally open to new ideas.

Too often we consider learning to only be something done in the classroom. We say “what can this do for me?” and expect learning to come us or even worse close ourselves off because we don’t think a person or situation has anything to teach us or we know enough already.

We should always stay open to learning from any source either obvious or unexpected.  In my opinion we can never learn too much. Something that really irks me is when I’ve been on training courses with people who act as if they don’t want to be there, or as if they know everything already. Even if we’re already an expert on a subject there is always more to learn. By being inquisitive and open to drawing more out of a subject there is always something new available to us.

The ability to learn is a lifelong gift that I feel a responsibility to nurture and cherish.


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