A question for living life….

“Will I value how I spent this time when I’m on my deathbed?”

We are faced with a choice about how to spend nearly all our time but if we’re not careful we can easily waste that choice on distractions.

The internet is an incredible tool for creating efficiency with our time. No need to go shopping. Speed up writing, communication and information gathering. But it is also a horrible time sink. We must stay in control. The moment we succumb to aimlessness it takes over. Use the internet and social media without a purpose or goal and you’ll undoubtedly regret the lost time later.

Likewise TV. Fantastic drama, uplifting comedy and genuinely educational documentaries enrich our life. Channel hopping and mindless trash steal our precious time on this planet and take us away from being present with our family and friends.

Magazines and books can also be dangerous. Are we reading something useful, interesting, profound, stimulating, intelligent etc. or are we just killing time with mental chewing gum.

We must be conscious in our choices. Time is too precious to be wasted by not being deliberate and allowing our entertainment to control us.


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