Weekly principles

In my last post I outlined the daily principles that I try to live by. In this next post I want to share the weekly principles that I try to ensure that I adhere to.

  • Move around a lot at a slow pace – As outlined in the Primal Blueprint Laws I make a conscious effort to do plenty of walking and moving around during the week.
  • Lift heavy things – I also aim to challenge myself with some strength training a minimum of twice a week (and preferably more).
  • Sprint occasionally – I try to sprint once a week. This doesn’t necessarily mean formal running sprints but just moving as fast as possible at some point. Usually my weekly game of football covers this.
  • “Play” – My weekly game of football covers this too but I also try to enjoy myself socially in a non-sporting social situation as regularly as possible and at least once a week too.
  • Language learning – I have had an ambition to learn to speak German for a long time and so I am trying to make sure that I do a minimum of one session of my online course per week.
  • Self improvement – Again this is not a formal practice as such, but I just try to do one thing that improves me as a person or my knowledge or understanding of science etc per week. This could be reading, watching a good documentary, attending a lecture/training session at work or whatever.

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