How to save hundreds per year

Hopefully the headline grabbed your attention!

Many people are missing a very simple way to save a significant amount of money in their lives. I want to share a few simple tips for making your own lunch to take to work that will enable you to not only eat healthy but also to save significantly. Just think – if you spend an average of £3 pounds a day on lunch (and many spend more than that!), given that the average person works 220 ish days a year, you will save £660 over the course of a year. Just think of what else you could buy with that money!

Have a plan

When you go shopping make sure that you make a list first so that you know exactly what you need and exactly what you don’t. Not only does this make your shop a lot more efficient, it saves you money by preventing you buying more than you need of anything or from getting tempted by the special offers, pretty looking displays etc. Have a plan and stick to it!

Buy in bulk

Make sure that you get the benefits of economies of scale. Usually there is some discount for buying larger quantities of an item. So take advantage. And this is where planning ahead helps out, because again you know exactly what you need and where you can save.

Make in bulk

By far the most hassle free way of sticking to making your own lunches is to make them all at once. Then all you have to do is grab them out of the fridge before you set off for work. No feelings of “I can’t be bothered to make lunch at 6 in the morning”, it’s already done! Personally I like to cook up a big batch of stir fry on a Sunday night. Takes me 15 minutes and at the end of it I have 5 tasty, healthy and cheap meals for the week.

Plastic containers are your friend

Make sure you have enough plastic containers handy so that whatever you make in bulk or your left overs from evening meals can be quickly stored in the fridge ready to go when you need lunch.

Leftovers rule!

A close second to making food in bulk at the start of the week is to make bigger quantities of your evening meals. Then you can just syphon off a portion or two into a plastic container and boom lunch for a couple of days is sorted.

What to do if you don’t have a fridge at work

If you don’t have a fridge not a problem, cool bags and ice blocks are very cheap, whack a few in the freezer and pop your food in there to stay chilly until lunch time.

So to get you started here’s a link to some Paleo lunch ideas!


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