How to just start

The beginning is the most important part of the work” – Plato

Each journey begins with a simple step but you'll never finish if you don't start

A short but simple post today about beating procrastination. Today I really didn’t feel like doing any exercise at all. I’m sure we’ve all been there many a time with different tasks. I’d had a lazy morning, stayed in bed for too long, had bits of admin I needed to do and generally felt lethargic and tired. So I began procrastinating and almost gave in to the little voice in my head saying “just leave training until tomorrow…….”

But somehow I didn’t give in. I still managed to get my training session in. And do you know what? Afterwards I felt great, I felt much more awake and energised. So how did
I convince myself to do that? Well it’s actually very simple. I just started. Instead of continuing to listen to all the reasons that the little voice in my head was giving me not to train, I just ignored it, walked upstairs, got changed and before I knew it I was doing my exercise session. I basically switched to automatic. Once I had my workout
clothes on, it was too late and before I knew it I was enjoying the session.

It’s so easy to get distracted by that little voice which is coming up with a million reasons not to do something. So don’t bother trying to fight it, don’t start thinking. Just switch to autopilot and start the task. Once you’ve begun then it’s too late to stop and you’ll no doubt end up doing more than you expected.

Try it. Next time you’re struggling with motivation to do something, instead of allowing yourself to keep thinking just switch off. Just go and begin. Before you know it you’ll have achieved more than you expected. Even if you stop after five minutes you’ll still be further on than you were before.

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